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AI Chatbots Personal to You and Your Life!

Have a conversation with your own data! 

Sure there are chatbots and assistants out there. There is probably one in your home and on your phone right now. And they are probably really good at finding things from the internet or your calendar but do they know you personally? Do they know your life and what is important to you well enough to interact with you in a meaningful and emotionally satisfying way?

AIPressbot chatbots are designed to bring real value and real meaning to you…. personally

Text only OR Text to Speech / Speech to Text chatbots ‘ Chat with Your Data ‘

AIPressbot can read many types of data from your Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, and DropBox* connected folders plus email from gMail and Outlook*

Your AIPressbot will read your data and then have a personalized conversation with you about it in an emotionally meaningful way, making life easier and more enjoyable. Live in the moment. Your AIPressbot has you covered.

Find the chatbot personality you connect with here or design your own! 

AIPressbot is available as WebApp, iOS app, Android App, and plugin for Edge and Chrome (coming soon)

*Copyright of respective holders

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